Scamp Trailers

Scamp Trailer was originally incorporated in 1971 by Duane Eveland and his siblings as Eveland Inc. The company was formed to manufacture trailers designed by Canadian RV manufacturer Bolar, using Bolar’s designs, while Bolar would market and sell the final products. When Bolar went out of business in 1972, Eveland and his siblings continue producing trailers under their own Scamp brand. The siblings managed to produce about 130 units that first year, and within five years they were shipping over 700 units from a new facility.

Throughout the years, Scamp has been known for their all-fiberglass designs, which result in the brand’s instantly recognizable look as well as the remarkable staying power of individual units. Originally, Eveland, Inc only produced a single Scamp model, but today three different sizes are offered.

scamp 16

Scamps are instantly recognizable by their unique fiberglass shell design. Image courtesy of Scamp.

The current lineup of Scamp travel trailers and fifth wheels includes:

Model LineLengthWeight (lbs)Hitch Weight (lbs)Sleeps
Scamp 1313'1,200 - 1,5001001 - 4
Scamp 1616'1,750 - 2,0001651 - 4
Scamp 19 (Fifth Wheel)19'2,000 - 2,4004001 - 6