Pop Up Trailers

Pop up trailers are the smallest class of towable, aside from the ultra-compact teardrops, and they’re typically the only type that can safely be towed by anything smaller than a medium duty pickup or SUV. Pop ups are distinguishable by their low profiles when folded up for transport or storage, and they typically feature soft sides when expanded. Many pop up trailers gain extra length, in addition to height, through the use of soft-sided front and rear extensions, which are usually used for sleeping space, and some even feature slide-outs.

There are two main types of pop up trailers: soft-sided tent trailers and hard-sided a-frame trailers. For more information about both types, please visit our sister site PopUpCampers.us.

coachmen pop up trailers

Pop up trailers are available as tent trailers and a-frames. Image courtesy of Coachmen.

Some of the most popular manufacturers of pop up trailers include: